About Us


When the world presents a problem, the only thing you can do is roll up your shirt sleeves and create your own solution.

Login Services founder Diana Hernandez has several years experience in aviation solutions. When she noticed that, while standard parts were easy to find locally, there was a distinct shortage of irregular aircraft parts–from engine components to odds-and-ends–she set out to create a better way of doing business.

Her goal was to create a central access hub for buyers and sellers of aircraft parts to connect and do business. From that goal, Login Services was founded.

The idea is simple: correct the shortage of aircraft parts and professional services in Florida and around the world. While many hard-to-find parts are available in larger airports, access to those same parts to find in Southern Florida is limited. Several vendors may have these items in inventory, but with their supply lists unavailable to the public, obtaining those parts without insider knowledge is difficult at best.

Login Services is creating a better system. Companies list their available inventory, a constantly-updated list that reflects items that can be shipped within 48 hours. Customers can search by part number, bringing up a listing of companies with that part. Not only are customers receiving better customer service, they’re also able to connect quickly and easily with the business that have the part they need, and then leave feedback after the sale, providing for a ratings system that allows future customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.