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COVID 19 has greatly impacted industries worldwide but without a doubt one of the most affected has been aviation due to the importance it generates in daily life. Many airlines have felt the direct impact and have been forced to change their routines of operations, others opted to temporarily suspect all flights; and customer service team maneuvering case by case  during uncertainty. Those operating flights private and commercial flights implementing strict precautionary measures to avoid contagion and mandatory use of gloves, face masks and the separation between workers, crew and passengers. Manufacturers also seem to adjust to drastic changes; EasyJet and Airbus come to agreement to deferred delivery of 22 aircraft from now to year 2022. 

Down this production line, it follows aircraft maintenance facilities slowing down; aircraft parts sitting on shelves; FBO decreasing on daily flights, resulting in workers benefits adjustments.  

However Gulfstream Aerospace has taken positive steps to alleviate medical supplies by donating thousands of N95 masks and protective suits while keeping up business jet plans.


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