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Flying has become an essential commodity in today’s life and has made the world a smaller place, nonetheless this accessibility comes with challenges to improve comfort to those longer flights. Aerospace companies & aircraft manufacturers are on non-stop research routes in innovations to reduce cabin noise.
Variations on particular systems and materials used; such as High Pressure Hydraulic Systems, newer structural material-Composite, and more electric points are optimizing them to the minimum source of noise.
Adaptive Compliant Trailing Edge, known as​ ACTE​, is undertaking a project to reduce 30 percent noise during take off and landing by replacing new flap design; in addition to improving aerodynamic efficiency and enhance fuel economy. Other companies are exploring ​airframe accessories ​such Isolators​. On the other hand we have seen Boeing and Airbus increasing the use of composite materials overtime.
Industry technicians and engineers says these types of advances will help business in aviation to move further in technology when working hand to hand with the FAA and other regulatory entities to be approved and implemented in a short time period.  As of January 1st, 2020 ADS-B Compliance takes affect and the a majority of the Business Jets still looking for  avionics service centers to install new technology. Read more

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